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Product Overview

Water-Absorbing Sponge Roll

A solution to remove water

Water-Absorbing Sponge Roll


PVA is optimal for water-absorbing rolls as it is excellent in hydrophilicity and water absorption. It provides high anti-abrasion and excellent durability in a water-retaining state.
The open-cell structure is used, which realizes lower resistance and excellent filtration. It can be adjusted to an open-cell size and shape.


Compared to the conventional PVA sponge, elasticity, water absorbing, and anti-abrasion have significantly improved. It provides a better performance as it can now remain clean when absorbing water.


  • Draining after cleaning PCBs with water
  • Draining water for display glasses
  • Nip rollers
  • Sponge rolls for humidification and fomentation
  • Wiping tools

Performance of a Water-Absorbing Roll = Water-Absorbing Capability + Drainage Capability