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Product Overview

Tacky Roll Tackn M

Anti-static dust removing

Adhesiveness, stability, heat resistance, and durability are enhanced by improving and processing special synthetic rubber. Flexible material and soft adhesion enables to remove dust evenly.
The power mode of removing dust can be selected from high to low matching to an application. It is easy to clean and stable to use for a long duration.

Anti-static dust removing
Anti-static dust removing


  • Excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance
  • Very few static electricity caused by abrasion and exfoliation due to a small amount of charge on the roller surface
  • Treated to suppress warpage on the surface of a rubber roll
  • Extracts from internal elements of rubber are minimized as much as possible to prevent a work from getting contaminated.
Anti-static dust removing


  • Removing dust on PCBs
  • Removing dust on optical films such as polarizing films
  • Removing dust on photographic plate-making materials
  • Removing dust on glass solar cell panels
  • Removing dust on plastic films or sheets in the photogravure line
  • Removing dust in the front-end process of screen printing and card printing.
  • Cleaning in the machining process of metal plates
Anti-static dust removing