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Product Overview

Non-tacky Coatings (Non-tacky Feature)

Non-tacky Coatings for Adhesive Materials

Non-Tacky Coating

This is a new surface coating method for non-tacky applications which does not require knurling or spraying on the metal surface. It is a non-silicon non-tacky coating which allows a similar coating even if the material is thin metal or high-temperature coating cannot be done.



Removes with a general-purpose Scotch tape at tensile strength of 4 g (removes at approx. 260 g for a non-coated aluminum surface)


Silane compound reacted to acrylic resin
No free silicon compound or RoHS restricted substances are contained.


  • Remove obstacles when automatically cutting and attaching adhesive coated products
  • Feed guide rollers for improving the production line performance where an adhesive agent contacts
  • Feed non‐woven fabric
  • Guide rollers to wind a cover film