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Product Overview

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Generator

Improved yield and quality

This machine works best in the dry process to improve adhesiveness of materials that do not easily adhere, enhance hydrophilicity, and improve cleaning performance.
This atmospheric plasma generating machine has a wide range of plasma head sizes from 150 mm (min.) to 3200 mm (max.), which can be applied to a variety of base materials.

Anti-static dust removing
Anti-static dust removing


  • Plasma dry cleaning
    Organic substances can be removed better due to plasma exposure.
  • Surface modification: Surface modification to enhance adhesion (reduction in the surface energy)
  • Eliminate static electricity
  • Remove organic substances (cleaning)
  • Surface roughness in micron size
  • Surface activation
  • Remove moisture


  • Treatment before attaching
  • Treatment before/after coating
  • Treatment before adhering
  • Treatment before printing