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Measurement / Test Equipment

Measurement Item/Intended Use Equipment Name Manufacturer
External Diameter Laser Measuring Instrument Mitutoyo
Tooth Thickness Micrometer Mitutoyo
Digital Vernier Caliper Mitutoyo
Laser Displacement Sensor KEYENCE
Roll External Diameter Laser Measuring Instrument developed by our technology Miyako Roller Industry
Rubber Hardness JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) Rubber Hardness Tester (Classification A, C, D) TECLOCK
Surface Roughness of External Diameter High-Performance Image Processing System (2 units) OMRON
Surftest SJ-210 Series Mitutoyo
Surface Image Digital Microscope (VHX6000) KEYENCE
Surface Length Laser Measuring Instrument KEYENCE
Pressure Roll Crimping Tester (Effective width: 1650 mm) designed by our company Miyako Roller Industry
Pressure-Sensitive Sheet FUJIFILM
Pressure Distribution Pressure Distribution Measuring System Nitta
Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner for 3M Roll Otari
Ultrasonic Cleaner for 1M Roll Otari
Nano Bubble Cleaner for 1M Roll Otari
Wear Coefficient Wear Meter Miyako Roller Industry
Viscosity Viscometer ATAGO
Surface Pressure Measuring System for Surface Pressure Distribution Nitta
Coating Thickness Coating Thickness Measurement Sensor OMRON
Coating Machine Photosensitizer Coating Machine for Double-sided PCBs, uniquely developed by our company Miyako Roller Industry
Coating Machine (800 mm, 600 mm, 400 mm), uniquely designed by our company Miyako Roller Industry
Surface Resistivity Resistivity Measuring System for the surface of the conductive rubber Mitsubishi Chemical
Drying Equipment 0.5 m×0.5 m×1.5 m FUJI KAGAKU KIKAI
2 m×1 m×1 m TONETSU
4 m×1 m×1 m TONETSU
1 m×1 m×1.5 m Kusumoto Chemicals
UV Equipment Portable SEN LIGHTS
Water Contact Angle Simage Entry 5 Excimer

Roll Measurement Our Processing Equipment
Roll runout and cylindricity are measured with a laser displacement sensor. The surface is examined with a CCD image sensor.

Maximum roll processing dimension
600 φ (diameter) * 6000 mm (total length) can be processed.

  • NC grinding machine: 11 units
  • NC grinder: 2 units
  • General-purpose lathe: 5 units
  • Milling machine: 1 unit
  • DLC coating machine (at room temp): 1 unit
  • Lab coating machine: 4 units
  • Other in-house equipment: 8 units


We have our patented coating machine installed in our lab where the most up-to-date equipment is installed to develop, evaluate, and establish quality assurance of coating liquid. We are more than happy to work hard to help customers research and develop their products.

What we have offered as of today

  1. Coating test for LCD substrates
  2. Coating test for the next-generation television display boards
  3. Surface modification coating for various resin substrates
  4. Resist coating test for the next-generation electronic substrates
  5. Coating test for semiconductor-related materials
  • Coating Machine: Roll Evaluation Equipment 1Coating Machine: Roll Evaluation Equipment 1
  • Coating Machine: Roll Evaluation Equipment 2Coating Machine: Roll Evaluation Equipment 2
  • Coating Machine: Roll Evaluation Equipment 3Coating Machine: Roll Evaluation Equipment 3

Introduction of Laminating Equipment

  1. We developed fluorine resin coating machine and installed roll fabrication equipment to coat fluorine at the maximum coating thickness of 5 mm.
  2. Improve the accuracy of a rubber roll with nano finishing machine for surface roughness of the rubber roll. (achieve runout of below 5/1000 and surface roughness of below Ra-1)
  3. We are fully equipped with precision measuring machine. (established the test system using various laser measurement techniques)
    Equipment to measure the surface pressure of a crimp roll for laminating
  • Surface Pressure Measuring and Test EquipmentSurface Pressure Measuring and Test Equipment
  • Feed a glass substrateFeed a glass substrate
  • Measure the surface pressure by contacting a rollMeasure the surface pressure by contacting a roll