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Product Overview

Hybrid Carbon Roll

We can handle lighter / longer rolls

Hybrid Carbon Roll

The excellent performance of a CFRP roll allows a high-speed operation, lighter and wider roll, high precision, loss reduction, compact design, reduction in warpage, lower load, and improvement in the operation environment, which can solve issues with metal rolls.

We can fabriate long rolls (up to 5500 mm).


  • High-speed operation
  • Lighter weight rolls
  • Wider rolls
  • High precision
  • Loss reduction
  • Compact design
  • Reduction in warpage
  • Lower load
  • Improvement in the operation environment

A CFRP pipe is used, and metal such as Al, SUS, and SS is used for journals. The shaft is connected with a high-performance adhesive. Generally, if a CFRO roll is used alone, some obstacles such as a hair crack can occur on the surface of a roll amid the operation. Thus, similarly to the normal metal rolls, attachment of a thin metal sleeve (Al, SUS), rubber lying, fluorine coating, nano ceramic deposition, or ceramic spraying is treated on the surface of a roll.


  • Guide rolls that can be lighter and longer due to composite materials
  • Various feed rolls