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Product Overview

Functional DLC Coating

Anti-static, Smears/Wrinkles Prevented, Improved Hydrophilicity

Functional DLC Coating
Functional DLC Coating


  • Low friction coefficient: below 0.2
  • High hardness, anti-abrasion: DLC (max. 2200 HV), scratch-resistant coating (harder than hard chrome)
  • Substitute for fluorocarbon polymer coated rolls (harder than fluorocarbon polymer coating)
  • Corrosion resistant: improved chemical resistance and corrosion
  • Excellent hydrophilicity: operable water contact angle 20-30°
  • Electrical resistance: 106-1010Ω (anti-static, particles/dust prevented from attaching


  • Max fabrication size: 300 mm (φ) x 2800 mm (L), max weight:350 kg, Min length:2500 mm
  • Max coating thickness: 6 μm


  • Various feed rollers
  • Film coating machine
  • Stretching rollers
  • Rolling rolls
  • Slitting rolls
  • Surface coating for driving parts
  • * We handle coatings for other than rolls.
An example of film slittingAn example of film slitting