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Other Original Coatings

Other Original Coatings

Various DLC Coatings

CV-1e Provides static resistant treatment on the surface of metal and rubber rolls
CV-1s Prevents oligomers from occurring as a result of vapor adhesion to rolls when polymers are formed
NP-1m Improves the hardness of the hard plating surface and enhances the surface energy

KF Thick Film Fluorine

MKF Thick film fluorine coating

MS Series

ME Coating Fluorine coating on the surface of general-purpose rubbers
(General-purpose, silicon, urethane and fluorine rubbers)

Laminating Coating

Laminating Coating Fluorine impregnation coating on the surface of general-purpose and silicon rubbers

Fluorine Impregnation Coating

Fluorine Impregnation Coating Thin film fluorine impregnation coating on general-purpose rubbers and plastic polymers

Ion Treatment

SBD-1 Enhances the resistance energy of the surface of silicon rubbers
AD-1 Decreases friction of the surface of hot laminating roll rubbers
TP-W Equalizes the thin film coating application to coating rolls
FMG Enhances the surface energy of fluorine rubbers

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