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Product Overview


Application / Purpose


Reduce wrinkles occurring on the nip roll and feed roller and damages on the base material and improve the peeling performance by lowering the surface energy of a rubber roll.


Ease aggression towards opponent equipment given by rubber and prevent contamination

The durability of rubber can be decreased by forcibly deteriorating rubber (surface modification by chlorine) in the conventional surface modification method for rubber rolls. We have established non-chlorine modification of NP-1 to modify the surface of a rubber roll, which improves the durability of rubber and is friendly to the environment.

Comparison Data

Not modified Modified
Hardness 58-62° 58-62°
Surface Roughness Ra:0.390 μm Ra:0.332 μm
Friction Coefficient 1.6 0.31
Comparison Data

Reduce effects on the film base material

To examine effects of the substance eluted from EPDM rubber on the opponent material (film), measure the surface energy of a film by contacting the film onto the rubber surface before and after modification.