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What Miyako Roller Undertakes

Rolls are becoming more important in the process where improvements in productivity and quality are required amid rapid technology innovation. We are focusing on developing rolls to improve productivity satisfying our customers' needs.

We develop, fabricate, and sell a variety of rolls that can be applied in the industrial field ranging from semiconductors and liquid crystals to construction, building materials, and printing.

Our company's advantage is to develop products meeting the intended use. We own 23 patents including international ones and apply for about three patents every year.

We continue to develop products for the business granted through a joint research with industry, government, and academia so that we can contribute to every one of our customers' businesses. Our business is eco-friendly considering environmental issues.

New Challenges

Our Recommendations

Our RecommendationsPROPOSAL

Electronics related

Industrial related

Printing related

Various Coatings related

  • Develop products aiming for roll globalization
  • Develop new products with customers, providing our proposals
  • Develop and propose a variety of eco-friendly products
  • Provide coatings for other than rolls using coating materials suitable for the intended use.
    【Coating materials】
    nylon, polyethylene, epoxy, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), special fluorine, ceramic


  • Fabricate and sell rolls for printing as well as industrial and special rolls
  • Provide various fluorine resin coating and DLC coating at room temperature
  • Develop and sell coating machine and introduce eco-friendly coating liquid

Miyako Roller Industry's Advantages

Point 1
Propose the best original roll meeting requirements and functions specified by customers!
Point 2
Coating can be tested with precision coating machine in our lab!

Point 1Propose the best original roll meeting requirements and functions specified by customers!

  • Provide solutions for troubles attributing to rolls
  • Propose lightening rolls
  • Deal with troubles due to DLC coatings
  • Deal with damages on the film caused by satin rolls (Develop a satin mirror surface roll)
  • Improve the roll performance by hybrid coating
  • Improve peripheral rolls and provide solutions
  • We can handle long rolls (up to 6 m in total length)

Miyako Roller Industry

Miyako Roller Industry has established its developed roll coating technology from its experiences in a long period of time to commercialize rolls that meet requirements and functions requested by customers. We propose an optimal roll for every customer and work on quality improvement.

For Various Rolls

Point 2Coating can be tested with precision coating machine in our lab!

To test coating materials brought by customers, our developed "precision coating machine" can handle water-soluble coatings and organic solvent coatings widely and has a feature to realize coating application liquid evenly. This machine can operate in nano to micron thickness properly and achieve coating on the thin film evenly. In addition, this machine can help customers' research and development to set coating conditions based on the coating test results.

For Coating Machine

  • Effective Length:250 mmEffective Length:250 mm
  • Effective Length:800 mmEffective Length:800 mm