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Precision Coating Machine

This precision coating machine enables high precision coating by using a special surface finish roll.
- Allows coating in nano to micron thickness
- Supports a wide range of coating applications
- Omtimized for testers for the R&D phase prior to mass production * Machine for mass production can be developed

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  • NP-1 RollNew Product

    NP-1 Roll

    Provides improved removability and fixability. Prevents wrinkles. Special treatment can be applied onto your rubber roll surface.

  • Satin Mirror RollNew Product

    Satin Mirror Roll

    Provides improved removability and fixability. Prevents wrinkles. Special process can be applied onto your satin guide roll surface.

  • Functional DLC CoatingOur Product

    Functional DLC Coating

    Prevents static electricity, smears, and wrinkles. Provides improved smoothness, durability, and hydrophilicity. Enables treatment on metal, SUS, Al, HCr, and rubber due to DLC treatment in the range of room temperature.

  • Draining/Water-Absorbing RollOur Product

    Draining/Water-Absorbing Roll

    High-performance sponge roll achieving outstanding water absorption in draining the film surface and draining at the manufacturing process of electronic parts such as glass substrates and PCBs and at the drying process of food.

News Releases

March 2018:
Attended a conference presentation at Surface Treatment Association
March 2018:
Updated our website
November 2017:
Exhibited at Glasstec Asia 2017 in Singapore
May 2017:
Granted for 2017 Saitama New Technology & Business Development